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Portable Winch Manufacturers USA

Jeep Winch to Safety
Pull It! Safety!
Manufacturers, and in some case suppliers or importers in the USA produce quality winches, and with their portability, huge range of accessories, adapters, peripheral equipment (e.g. for 4X4's, ATV's), dealers, suppliers, online forums, and online shopping stores, has provided a vast network for availability, service, and advice. Essentially a robust mechanical winding apparatus, with attached synthetic rope or wire cable, the winch has a vital role for outdoor vehicle rescue tasks. Having a well manufactured, properly rigged (and maintained) quality unit, for your ATV, Truck, or Jeep, will install piece of mind when stuck or immobile, of which towing is often necessary. Trusted brands, such as Warn, SuperWinch, and Ramsey, offer the strength and reliability that you can depend on. Image of Jeep with by Web Wide Josh.

Many people search daily on the internet for known brands, and numerous related web sites to further their knowledge, review, compare, purchase, or to find accessories to suit their requirements. Related industries, with experienced user input as a whole, has maintained an every increasing awareness for the winch. This is evidence for example by production, testing, and research of a range of units, and related components such as synthetic ropes (as alternative to wire cables), particularly in the forestry logging industry.

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Suppliers and Manufacturers USA

Engo Winches (
Provider of innovative solutions, and offering a range of products and solutions. Includes electric, boat, and hydraulic models, and also the E series (e.g. E9000), utilizing series wound motors, planetary gears, auto braking, and more, for Trucks, SUV's, and ATV's. Also supply mounts for bumpers, e.g. Ford, Chev, GMC, and Dodge. Can download installation and instruction manuals (pdf), and also full specifications.

Ramsey Winch (
Manufacture and market industrial and consumer off-road units and services. Can view new product, e.g. the Patriot 9500 UT with semi-automatic clutch, with specifications, e.g. rated line pull per layer, cable capacity per layer, line speed and current (amp) draw. Very informative product brochures available for download (pdf), which includes how to select, dimension, performance data tables, e.g for cable size and line pull strength, and charts, also diagrams. Includes impressive information data for electric, planetary and worm gear designs. Under the ATV category are various useful sub-categories, such as literature, accessories, mounting systems, videos, etc, and their vast range of manuals. This includes for cable tensioners, towing and recovery, ATV accessories, industrial parts, and much more.

Smittybilt Automotive (
XRC and and larger XR20 unit (e.g. 8, 000 lb to 15, 000 lb line rating) manufacturers, of which their products are well specified for power and reliability. Also jeep, truck, and ATV products and accessories, including air compressors, and the storage XRC black box to attach for mounting. Also supply drop down Nerf steps, bumpers, sidebars, grille savers, roof racks, tubular doors, tow hook kits, tail light guards, gloves, lights, and more. They supply synthetic rope and the aluminum Hawse fairleads. Videos are also present for some of their units. Hence various stylish, practical, and sturdy components for the rigors of off-road driving.

Mile Marker (
Hydraulic and electric recovery models are produced, included for the US Military, notably the Hummer vehicles, of which meet standards. ATV/UTV Units include variable speed and illuminated controls, and the tough PE series, which have fast line recovery speeds, redesigned braking systems, and synthetic ropes. Also provide drive-train conversion kits and lockout hubs, mounting systems for trucks and ATV's. This includes cradle mounts, receiver bumpers, channel mounts, "extreme" (heavy duty grill guard system),and ATV side-by-side mounts. The site has a resourceful community section, including Youtube videos. I enjoyed the well presented tutorial for the PE8000 winch, which demonstrated snap ring/roller removal, flat mount thickness (at least 6 mm), torque settings of 45ft-lbs, release clutch lever for free spooling, re-assembling rollers and attaching fair lead. Then attaching solenoid assembly to tie-bars, attaching wires to motor, battery wire connections, adding hook to cable, then inserting remote control plug. One nice Mile Marker product. Also plenty of manuals and spec manuals to download.

Map of Warn Dealer Locations in the United States

Superwinch (
Produce a large range of products for trailers, ATV's, Off-Road, and Industrial. Many models to select from, including their new Talon performance 2V series, from 9,500 lbs to 18,000 lbs rated line pull. They include vented and sealed immersible solenoids, automatic braking, coated AmSteel-blue synthetic rope, and 2 stage planetary and 2 stage spur gear train. also the Terra (sealed to prevent dust,water, and mud migration), LT series for ATV's, and winch-in-the-bag of 2,000 lbs and 2, 500 lbs units. Also the Husky and EP units, and the original X series, plus hydraulic heavy duty HP series from about 8, 000 lbs to 30, 000 lbs rated line pull. Plenty of parts and accessories - wiring kits, mountings, roller fairleads, switches, hooks, motors, wire ropes, remote controls, hubs and much more. Can also download user, installation, and technical data guides.

Bulldog (
Their products are imported from a company called Transtek International Co. Ltd, according to Import Genius Com. Their nice compact welcome page displays several component categories, and can select from a range of capacities (e.g. from 2, 000 lb to 9, 300 lb). Select from wiring, remote, controllers, and mount kits. Also bumpers, straps, fairleads, ropes, hooks, rigging (e.g. pulley blocks, storage bags, chains, bow shackles, recovery straps, and storage bags). Accessories and parts include solenoids, contactors, relays, control packs, twist plugs, power units, several ATV and UTV mounts for various brands (e.g. Honda, Yamaha, Can-Am, Polaris). Also supply heavy duty truck winches, and the web site has an interesting action section with videos of off-road competitions.

Warn (
Well known trusted and perhaps legendary brand for great performance, reliability, and durable products. Large range of units for Jeeps, SUV's, Trucks, Military, portability, Utility, and Industrial. Several ATV RT and XT series to select from, that include all metal 3 stage planetary gear system, full sealing to prevent water/mud ingress, and patented brake system. Also a range of premium and heavy duty units, that include the XD and M series (e.g. the M8000), both for 12V and 24V models. Plus range of hydraulic industrial tow truck units, and their "severe" duty winches - e.g. the Olympus 22 with rated pulling capacity of 22, 000 lbs.

Huge range of accessories, mounting systems, bumpers, air compressors, 4wD hubs, off-road lights, plow kits, bucket loaders, and blades. Other components include shackles, synthetic ad wire ropes, roller and hawse fairleads, hooks, straps, booster cables, wireless controls, battery isolator, covers, snatch blocks, choker chains, portable anchor plates, rigging kits, mounting kits and much more. Perhaps a one stop shop for your requirements, with user, installation, and data spec guides (pdf), and of course a vast authorized dealer and online retailer network for purchasing, service, and installation.


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