Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grip 12 Volt Electric Winch

12 Volt Grip Portable WinchIf you participate in boating, off road driving, or if any general type towing or pulling tasks occur, then the Grip 12 Volt 28748 Electric Winch would be an ideal cost effective winch to have. Tasks can include pulling stumps and secured loads to reduce your labor input. The winch handles up to 6000 lb rolling and 2000lb straight pulling capacities, and with it's reversible feature, aims to make your task a bit easier.


*6000 lb rolling capacity
*2000 lb inline/straight pulling capacity
* 10 foot lead - remote switch
* Heavy Gauge Cable: 30 feet
* Galvanized Hook Opening: 3/4 Inch
* 12 volts
* Amperage 25 amps
* Watts 300W
* Easy Installation

Suppliers and Sellers:

Grip (Grand Rapid Industrial Suppliers)
I think the main suppliers for the 28748 winch. The company also supplies the 1200lb gear winch and 2500lb ATV electric unit. But also various tools, e.g. sockets, wrenches, vises, hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers, pliers, and more - handy for attaching or removing winches.

Tool King - Available from their web site, along with many power, automotive, hand and specialty tools. But for securing loads - various ratcheting tie-downs, EPDM rubber hooked tie-downs, heavy duty tow straps, cargo nets, bungee cords, hold down straps, bungee cords, grab hooks, trailer hitch pins, webbing slings, poly ropes, chain hoists, chains with grab hooks, chain puller, load binders, and more.

Shopping AOL Com -  The site compares with other winches, including Dutton-Lainson Strong Arm (and other models), Dayton SA12015AC, and the Omega electric winch.

Over Stock Com - Along with categories for Garage, Automotive, Trailers, and towing Accessories.This includes trailer dollies, mini trailers, tow bar mounts, ramps, deluxe tow straps, trailer jacks (jockey wheels), and truck extensions.

Hence a practical winch for it's price and one that can help get your pulling tasks done. This can include the usual pulling tasks for car or jeep recovery, boot, and jet ski rolling movement. Though it seems difficult to gauge it's popularity online, say compared to other winches, which are mentioned with extensive user reviews online. maybe you can provide a comment below - Thanks. Anyway, the Grip 12 Volt Electric Winch is available at various shopping stores, such as Walmart, and Price Grabber for purchase.


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