Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1120210 ATV LT2000 Super Winch

Super winch LT2000 with accessoriesThe 1120210 LT2000 Super Winch has a range of features and accessories suitable for a ATV or 4x4. Easily able to winch a stuck in the mud ATV, and hence a important unit winch to have if you are off- road driving frequently. Importantly it has circuit breaker protection, an isolating solenoid for disconnecting the winch electrical system, which activates when the vehicle is switched off. Features are listed below -


* Rated line pull of 2000 lbs (lower layer)
* Remote switch - 10 foot lead
* 6000 lbs rolling capacity
* Low current (amps) draw with the motor
* Free spooling clutch - pull and turn
* Hook is latched and Heavy duty with rope thimble
* Includes D shackle with Pulley block
* Weight - 18.8 lbs
* Dimension - 17.8 cm 8 38.1 x 22.9 cm

Thus a useful winch to have to help out in towing, or "mud" immobilization for a 2x4, 4x4, or ATV off road vehicle, and for general pulling tasks. Purchasing the accessories with the winch will save money, and add convenience should you require them for the task at hand. Although a good price unit (cheap), however there has been some real user reviews, which include...

- That instructions be more detailed - if for example if adding a adapter plate or mount.
- Wire leads might be a little short for relay box to the winch motor. Perhaps another 12 inch or so would be ideal.
- Bit "loud" compared to other winches.
- The hook being a little "small"
- line speed a little slow, e.g. for snowplow situations.

Video of Technical Features - From Super Winch New Zealand

Cabela's Com - Perhaps view to purchase along with other winch related products. This includes a range of hitches, bumpers, synthetic ropes, roller fair-heads, ball mounts, wiring kits, hooks and straps, rocker switches, mounts, tie-down systems, arch ramps, heavy duty tri-fold ramps, wheel chocks, tie-down systems, ratchet tie-downs, keyed coupled lock combos, basket racks (e.g. for carrying accessories), rack extensions, hitch hauls, and more. Also accessories for ATV's to compliment winch use.

Video Demo of 2000lb Superwinch Kit in a Bag
(Displays Heavy Duty four foot Choker Strap, 6 foot Choker Line,
One Ton Bow Shackle, and Push Button remote)

Northern Tools and Equipment - Also provide a selection of AC, Gas, DC, ATV and hand powered winches; -e.g. ultra tow trailer models. Units include various Dutton-Lainson Strong-Arm 120V winches, Warn RT25 12V DC for ATV's, Mile Marker Series, Ramsey, Camouflage, and other Super Winch Models. Should you require lifting or hoisting then consider lever chain hoists, manual cable lifters, heavy duty electric hoists, pipe grabbers, truck cranes, gantry cranes, support rods, work lifts, and more. Accessories and parts include adapter kits (e.g for Ford, Dodge, and Jeeps). Also rocker switches, solenoids, snatch blocks, self locking pulleys, ropes, and more. but also many related equipment - e.g. batteries, beacons, working and hazard lights, chain saws, log splitters, log skidding, including Auto, SUV, and Truck accessories and many hand tools that can aid for winch type applications.



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