Monday, April 12, 2010

Portable Winch Uses

A portable winch are important for various labour intensive lifting, towing, pulling, and some hoisting tasks, and valuable for awkward or difficult situations, for example when trying to move a mud immobile vehicle, e.g. a car, SUV, or 4x4 wheel drive. Their are different brands, pull capacities, design, features (e.g. multi mount, reversible, clutch lock, etc), and power modes (gas, 12 V electric, 110V/240 V home power), including hand manual portable winches to help make work a lot easier: For the home DIY mechanic to hoist a car engine, a outdoor water enthusiast to pull their kayak or boat on to a trailer, a farmer, landscaper, or tree feller to remove fallen trees and tree stumps. Perhaps a builder to erect, remove, or remove house timber and frames.

Some direct Portable Winch tasks:

* Automotive: Lifting or hoisting a vehicle's engine (weight limit/safety dependent), Lift a trailer upright, Lift/pull crate of car parts.
* Light Factory Use: Attach to over head crane or gantry to lift machinery items for stacking or transfer.
* Farming/Forestry: Pulling a rotten tree stump from the ground using straps or tie-downs.
* Forestry/Home Dragging trees with ropes or cables along the ground for later collection/removal; Removing broken or unwanted fence posts and shrubs. Lifting objects (small engines, building frames, etc) for vehicle maintenance and home construction.
* Emergency: Pulling a stuck vehicle from the mud or river and rock stranded.
* Home Tip: Rope tensioning - I attached a winch to a thick unsightly wet kinked rope, and then tensioned between two fences about 60 feet apart to permanently straighten the rope after two days.

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Videos of Portable Winch Practical Applications

Pulling TreesMud Stuck 4x4

Portable Winch Features to Consider

* Weight and Size - Make sure that the winch is "portable" and comfortable for you to handle. Test by lifting and carrying by yourself and perhaps others that you may rely on.
* Capacity for Pulling or Usage Strength: 1000 or 2000 lbs? What type of use? - Horizontal "free" pull, hoisting a dead weight (e.g. engine, well bucket, building materials), marine use (e.g. a boat through water) or pulling a fixed object (e.g. small shrubs, tree stumps). Perhaps select a winch about 1.5 to 2 times the capacity of the objects or vehicle to pull or lift.
* Overload Auto Switch Off - You may be tempted to incrementally (and unknowingly) increase the winch's capacity. Having a overload cut off will make sure that you don't - thus preventing (hopefully) any internal damage.
* Adaptability - Is the winch easily fixed/clamped/engaged to a tow ball, hitching unit or it's mounting surface. You may need to consider suitable mounting plates to buy or fabricate a mounting plate.
* For battery winches does it mention battery current rating or ideal vehicle battery output? Or use of a battery charger during use. You may have need a high capacity vehicle battery or charger on the vehicle to implement when the winch is in medium to heavy action.
* Length of cable or strap - Is it sufficient for safety and for practical use. You may need 20 feet or 100 feet.
* Speed - some may be slow (or ultra slow). So ask about or review online for certain winch units.
* Reversibility - You may prefer a auto reverse function (e.g. for maneuvering lifting loads), or does the cable require hand pulling after clutch/gear dis-engagement.
* Remote Control - Ideal to have to keep out of way during certain pulling tasks.
* Hook Design - Safety lock type latch?
* Back Up and Spares - Perhaps consider a spare "hand" crank handle, hook sizes, cargo net, electrical spares (e.g. battery cables, fuses, contacts, etc), cable/straps, extension cord and attachment straps.

Hence a portable winch of the correct capacity and features, fittings (e.g. mounting plates, bumpers for 4 x4 vehicles and ATV's, spare straps and steel cables, etc) would easily help solve certain issues, of which their are various brands and models to help such pulling and lifting issues. Popular portable and cost effective winches are the Master Lock Winches (e.g. The 2953AT 12 volt) and the Warn winches (e.g. The 685000 electric corded "PullZAll' from Warn Industries). But read online reviews, features, and specifications of Portable Winches to determine what model, size, and capacity, that would suit your specific use.


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