Thursday, April 22, 2010

Portable Winch Review: Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC

Master lock portable Winch 2953AT for pulling tasksThis handy portable winch is effective for up to it's capacity rating, and with easy set up. With it's built in carry handle and crank wind handle for the shaft, operation is by power and control cable connection. Then by connecting the cable and hook for pulling/lifting, after clutch loosening, then just press the start button on the control handle for single speed operation. Need to be patient as winching is slow, but yet powerful per it's weight/size to get the job done. Thus a hand winch for the odd job, as opposed to everyday use.


* Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 9.6 Inches; 25 Pounds
* 12 V Battery power cables, Remote, Safety hook and Hand crank
* 2000 lb Pulling strength - 5000 pound marine/water - and 6000 pound rolling
* portable Mounting Bracket
* 20 foot cable
* Hook Safety Latch
* Hand Crank Backup
* Remote Control Unit (Good for safety - step aside when in use)
* Can attach to ball mount or flat surface with mounting plate.

Reviewers Comments -

- Single speed, which might take getting used to
- "Slow" again patience required
- Not heavy duty for everday applications - but does the job
- Has high current usage, so important to keep vehicle engine running to prevent batter drain, or make sure sufficient current supply
- Absence of reversibility for drum motion. requires careful fee-wheeling after clutch disengagement
- Pulling out the cable bit cumbersome
- Bit Noisy which might become compounding for long retrievals, i.e. greater than 3 feet
- Preference for reverse switching mechanism, rather than relying ob clutch release
- Insufficient mounting options - so need to improvise or work around
- May require additional cabling to the battery


Trustworthy Hardware Stores - Available at their online site, along with other electric winches (with wireless remotes), hand units, and cables.
Autozone - Including hydraulic winch adapter kits, valve kits, plates, starter switch and other accessories including power tools and car parts.
Master Lock ATV Winches - Also winch mounts (heavy duty 7 gauge steel) and brackets to attach the unit to ATV's. Other stores include The Wholesale Tool Company, Blain's Farm and Fleet, Summit Racing Equipment, Abuchon Hardware, Sears Market Place, and The Home Network Supply.

You may need the 1/2 inch hitch ball mount available from Tool Up Com, and other online stores, e.g. Drill Spot Com, Shoplet Com, Amazon, and many others.

But for it's price, and general application with it's rated power, the unit is at least adequate in some tasks. The Master Lock 2935AT portable winch is quite useful for towing a stuck in the mud tractor or ATV, for farm/ranch use, boat owners, pulling ATV's/vehicles up ramps, pulling logs, and more. For it's price and general function ability, certainly a useful winch - if used occasionally.


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